‘Ukrainian sabotage attack’ on Putin ammunition depot seen in new footage

'Ukrainian sabotage attack' on Putin ammunition depot seen in new footage

A new video shows Putin’s ammunition depot destroyed by Ukrainian saboteurs after an ‘attack.’ The Russian ammo dump in Belgorod went up in smoke just 30 miles from the Ukrainian border, sending huge red and yellow flames for miles.

An ‘attack’ by Ukrainian saboteurs destroys Putin’s ammunition depot



New footage emerged of what appears to be a Ukrainian sabotage attack on a Russian ammunition depot. The footage, which was released by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, shows a series of explosions at the depot

An ammunition depot erupted in a gigantic fireball blast deep inside Russian-controlled territory, forcing 2,000 people to flee a nearby village. There was speculation a crack team of Ukrainian special forces or “partisan resistance fighters” triggered the explosions.

The latest attack on Russian territory comes after a series of stealth attacks on Russian military bases.

Last Tuesday, a team of saboteurs targeted a Su-24M attack aircraft and a string of vehicles at the Saki air base near Novofedorivka.

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