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What Determines the Color of a Hens’ Eggs?

Chicken colored eggs.

You may have noticed that chicken eggs shells come in different colors. Some people believe that brown-colored eggs are more nutritious than white-shelled eggs. Is this true? The eggshell is rich in calcium carbonate and acts as a chamber for…

Is the Skin a Tissue or an Organ?

Skin tissue is an organ of the human body.

When we study the levels of organization of the human body, we learn that cells group together to perform the same function. These groups of cells are tissues. These tissues, in turn, group to form a structure responsible for a…

What is Darwin’s Theory of Evolution?

Evolution by natural selection: two turtles with different traits (neck length).

“It is like confessing a murder” begins Charles Darwin, probably his most famous work. In fact, his theory of evolution revolutionized natural sciences. It also shook the prevailing worldview. In the mid-19th century, most people believed that God created the…