The Cat Who Hitchhiked on a Trip Around the World

Cat who hitchhiked on a journey around the globe: When former rugby player Dan Nicholson, of the Scottish Edinburgh team, quit his job to travel the world, he hoped the experience would change his life. But what the former athlete, now 31, couldn’t imagine is that it would be a little kitten that would transformContinue reading “The Cat Who Hitchhiked on a Trip Around the World”

The 10 Most Intelligent Cat Breeds

Are some cats more intelligent than others? | Cats share their life with the people who care for them, establishing a very strong bond with them. They communicate outstandingly, both by gestures and by making sounds. In addition, these animals have no problem surviving in the wild. They are good hunters and adapt to any type ofContinue reading “The 10 Most Intelligent Cat Breeds”

Why Do Cats Sleep so Much?

Cats can sleep 17 hours a day, which is equivalent to 70% of the day. These hours are divided into several naps throughout the day and the total daily hours will depend on several factors. For example, the age of the cat, it’s diet, degree of activity, diseases and environmental factors. In this article we will talk about feline sleep,Continue reading “Why Do Cats Sleep so Much?”

Strange Cat Behaviors: 10 Weird Things Cats Do

Why is my cat acting so strange? Felines are an inexhaustible source of curious behaviors. Especially for human beings, who often find it difficult to find a logical reason for the things cats do. However, science has deciphered the reasons for most of these behaviors. Knowing them is important, because it is possible that your catContinue reading “Strange Cat Behaviors: 10 Weird Things Cats Do”

Bengal cat: breed characteristics, nutrition and health

The Bengal cat is a unique breed. In a sense, it looks like a domestic leopard. Being a hybrid breed, Bengals tend to be larger than other domestic cats. They are agile and athletic and can weigh up to 7 kg and reach 70 cm in length. The Bengal cat is a relatively recent cross-breed,Continue reading “Bengal cat: breed characteristics, nutrition and health”

What do we know about the origins of domestic cats?

The history and evolution of domestic cats still generates many debates in the scientific community. There is no consensus among experts on how our adorable kittens have originated. Even today, it is still debated whether the domestic cat should be classified as an independent species or continue to be considered as one of the subspeciesContinue reading “What do we know about the origins of domestic cats?”