Did Jupiter Influence the Formation of the Moon

The migration of Jupiter may have destabilized the orbit of other celestial bodies in the past. We have already discussed planet formation several times. An interstellar cloud of gas and dust collapses under its own gravity, most of its mass eventually concentrates in the center and forms a star, and the dust grains orbiting itContinue reading “Did Jupiter Influence the Formation of the Moon”

The Origin of the Moon

How was the Moon created? It is not known with certainty how the moon originated, but there are numerous theories that account for its appearance in orbit. The most widely accepted theory today says that the moon was formed by a collision between the planet Earth and a Mars-sized body. The collision happend approximately 4.6Continue reading “The Origin of the Moon”

What Would Happen If the Moon Was Gone?

Without the Moon, No Reliable Seasons Without the moon, we would have no reliable seasons. Because the moon stabilizes the Earth’s axis. If it did not exist, the Earth’s axis would rotate every few million years. With devastating effects on the climate. The researchers did the calculations: Without the moon, the Earth’s axis could tiltContinue reading “What Would Happen If the Moon Was Gone?”

When Will the Next Lunar Eclipse Be?

Find out when the next lunar eclipse will be and the places in the world from where you can see it. How does a lunar eclipse occur?  A lunar eclipse is produced by the passage of a planetary satellite, in this case, the Moon, and the shadow projected by the Earth. When this happens, theContinue reading “When Will the Next Lunar Eclipse Be?”

How Long Would a Person Survive on the Moon Without a Spacesuit?

Not that such a thing could ever happen, but what if an astronaut does indeed find himself naked outside the spaceship? – The good news is that he won’t swell up until he explodes, as is commonly thought after watching some science fiction movies. What if you didn’t wear a spacesuit in space? Let’s startContinue reading “How Long Would a Person Survive on the Moon Without a Spacesuit?”

What Is a Blue Moon? Is a Blue Moon Actually Blue?

The term Blue Moon, actually has nothing to do with the color of the moon. It is nothing more than the succession of two full moons within the same calendar month, something that happens approximately every three years. Two full moons are possible in the same month due to the fact that the full moonContinue reading “What Is a Blue Moon? Is a Blue Moon Actually Blue?”

What Is a Blood Moon? Why Is The Moon Red?

A blood moon occurs when Earth’s moon is in a total lunar eclipse. It has no special astronomical significance. Nevertheless, the usually whitish moon appears as strikingly red or ruddy-brown in the night sky. The last blood moon occurred on January 20-21, 2019 and it coincided with a Supermoon and the Full Wolf Moon, earningContinue reading “What Is a Blood Moon? Why Is The Moon Red?”

7 Interesting Facts About the Moon

Facts About the Moon: Knowledge is power. In this series of articles, we collect fascinating and sometimes unexpected facts about the world around us. We hope you find them not only interesting, but also practically useful. The cosmos is full of amazing facts and mysterious things. However, it is not at all necessary to lookContinue reading “7 Interesting Facts About the Moon”

Does the Full Moon Affect Humans?

It is an impressive sight when the moon is full and round in the night sky. Many people believe that the full moon affects human behavior and health. Today, esoteric lunar calendar guides fill entire shelves in bookstores. However, there is little truth to that. In this article we provide scientific explanation to some ofContinue reading “Does the Full Moon Affect Humans?”

Why does the moon have bigger craters on the side facing earth?

Three of them called Archimedes, Galilaei and Kepler. We would have to look for the smallest of them with a magnifying glass. The larger ones are with a diameter of more than 200 kilometers, and we can see them from Earth with the naked eye. We are talking about lunar impact craters that cover theContinue reading “Why does the moon have bigger craters on the side facing earth?”