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What Is a Blood Moon? Why Is The Moon Red?

Blood moon, red full moon.

A blood moon occurs when Earth’s moon is in a total lunar eclipse. It has no special astronomical significance. Nevertheless, the usually whitish moon appears as strikingly red or ruddy-brown in the night sky. The last blood moon occurred on…

7 Interesting Facts About the Moon

Facts about the moon. A man standing on the moon.

Facts About the Moon: Knowledge is power. In this series of articles, we collect fascinating and sometimes unexpected facts about the world around us. We hope you find them not only interesting, but also practically useful. The cosmos is full…

Does the Full Moon Affect Humans?

A human shape-shifts into a werewolf with a full moon in the background

It is an impressive sight when the moon is full and round in the night sky. Many people believe that the full moon affects human behavior and health. Today, esoteric lunar calendar guides fill entire shelves in bookstores. However, there…