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Is the Sense of Taste Inherited?

Picture of a tongue, whether taste is acquired or passed on in the DNA.

Is the Sense of Taste Inherited? Over time, people often approach their parents’ taste preferences and eating habits. But does that also mean that taste is inherited? is it the genetics? The question of whether genes or environment are crucial…

What is the Big Bang? A Short Answer.

answer to the question: what is the big bang simple.

The Big Bang is massive explosion that according to a scientific theory, gave rise to the universe. This theory indicates that the universe is 13.8 billion years old, expanding thanks to the explosion in question. What is the Big Bang…

What is science simple definition

text saying: What is science.

What’s special about science? Knowledge can be of different types. Knowing where the nearest store to your house is, is empirical knowledge. A herbal remedy is traditional knowledge. There are some who say that a divine being can reveal knowledge…