Why Flowers Smell So Good

Almost all flowers have a special scent that attracts us and makes them unique and irresistible at the same time. This smell is delicious, like a sweet, fresh and delicate perfume. But why do flowers smell the way they do? The plant must resort to other strategies to transport pollen to fertilize other flowers. InContinue reading “Why Flowers Smell So Good”

Does the Banana Have Seeds

Despite what many people think, depending on the species analyzed, bananas do have seeds. Banana is the name given to the plants grouped in the genus known as Musa. These species have large, green leaves that have Sheaths that form a pseudostem. The true stem of the banana, also called the rhizome, is underground andContinue reading “Does the Banana Have Seeds”

Did We Contaminate Mars with Genetic Material From Earth

Did We Contaminate Mars? – Since the early days of Red Planet exploration, humanity has hoped to find life there. NASA reduce the risk that what we discover are creatures we brought with us from Earth. Imagine the day when astronauts will reach the planet Mars. They will take samples from the ground and fromContinue reading “Did We Contaminate Mars with Genetic Material From Earth”

Terraform Venus | Could Venus Become Habitable?

Terraform Venus: Leaving the Earth and Moving Into Space Has Been a Romantic Idea Since Ancient Times. Sooner or later, it will be necessary for the survival of the human race. What if we turned one of the harshest and most dangerous places in the solar system into a colony? Not a city in theContinue reading “Terraform Venus | Could Venus Become Habitable?”

Terraforming: Changing the Atmosphere of a Planet

Terraforming is a theory about the hypothetical possibility of changing the climatic conditions on space bodies: moons, asteroids and stars. But first of all, of course, we are talking about planets. It is assumed that it is possible to make the climate, atmosphere and environmental conditions suitable for the comfortable life of humans, land animalsContinue reading “Terraforming: Changing the Atmosphere of a Planet”

Where Do the Pollen Grains of Flowering Plants Develop?

The place of production of the pollen grain differs according to the plant: In gymnosperms (seed-producing plants), the pollen grain is produced in strobiles. While in angiosperms (flowering plants), the pollen grain is produced in flowers, specifically in the anther (the part of the stamen where pollen is produced). The anther is a kind of tissue-covered pouch thatContinue reading “Where Do the Pollen Grains of Flowering Plants Develop?”

Planet Venus: characteristics and facts

Have you heard about the Roman goddess Venus? Well, the name of this planet was given in honor of this deity. It is the second closest planet to the Sun and the closest to Earth. It is possible to observe the Venus surface with the naked eye from Earth. This is also possible because itContinue reading “Planet Venus: characteristics and facts”

How do plants ‘know’ when to flower and what triggers plants to bloom?

How do plants know when it’s time to flower? Like animals, plants also have an internal clock that prepares the internal cellular mechanisms in anticipation of upcoming environmental changes. This ensures that plants only perform specific tasks at the most appropriate time. For example, during the day, they perform photosynthesis, extracting energy from sunlight. However,Continue reading “How do plants ‘know’ when to flower and what triggers plants to bloom?”