What is Solar Radiation

Solar radiation is the energy emitted by the sun in the form of radiation – electromagnetic waves. This energy is emitted by the photosphere, the outermost layer of the sun, which is approximately 300 km long. It is a source of energy for the planet, and is responsible for heating it up. It is alsoContinue reading “What is Solar Radiation”

What If We Shot a Nuclear Bomb Into the Sun?

The sun itself is a huge nuclear mechanism. It releases every day an amount of energy equal to that of millions of atomic bombs. A nuclear bomb will not leave the slightest trace on the sun and will not alter its activity. Moreover, since the solar atmosphere has a temperature of thousands of degrees, theContinue reading “What If We Shot a Nuclear Bomb Into the Sun?”

How Was the Sun Formed?

The sun is the center of our solar system, and it is a huge nuclear reactor: inside, the fusion of hydrogen and helium generates energy at temperatures of around 15 million degrees. Temperatures of around 5700 degrees Celsius still prevail on its surface. From this surface, the photosphere, light and heat are radiated into space.Continue reading “How Was the Sun Formed?”