A twin birth with two heads and only one body. The mother gave birth to her child in Samarkand. Dramatic birth in Samarkand in Uzbekistan! A woman gave birth to a special twins there. The baby has two heads, two complete organs, but only one common body.

The attending physician Dr. Dilshod Rahmonov said that the child is currently in intensive care. The general condition of the child is not bad.

According to his statements this form of a parasitic twin is very rare. In science such cases would be called “Craniopagus parasiticus“. The twin head with the undeveloped body is placed on the head of the developed twin. Such children live to be 50 years old if they are well cared for.

The little boy is under medical care in the intensive care unit in Samarkand

The doctor added that the maternity clinic will now take all measures to ensure that the baby survives. The parents had known about it before the birth, but had spoken out against an abortion.

The reason for this form of birth: it could be the result of a marriage between relatives or radiation exposure, i.e. radioactive contamination.

In Germany, the University Hospital in Bonn has specialized in the treatment of such cases. The university hospital describes this form as “the most severe malformation in identical twins with a common placenta”.

It goes on to say: “In these cases there is a reduced blood supply to the upper half of the body of one of the twins during the first weeks of pregnancy. As a result, the upper half of the body does not develop, or only partially.”

Parasitic twins occur only two or three times in five million births.

In 2004 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, an infant was also operated on with two heads. The girl died 12 hours after the operation.

In 2017 in Chicago (USA), a baby was born with four legs and two spines – also the physical remains of a parasitic twin. The doctors were able to help the girl in an operation lasting several hours and remove two legs. The child survived and recovered.

Craniopagus parasiticus cases

To date, 10 cases of this type have been documented. Only in three of them did the baby survive the birth.

  • A child called the “Two-Headed Bengali Boy” was born in 1783 and died of a cobra bite in 1787. His skull is kept in the English Royal College of Surgery.
  • December 10, 2003, Rebeca Martínez, born in the Dominican Republic. She was the first child to be born with this condition to have the head of a parasite removed. She died February 7, 2004 after 11 hours of surgery.
  • February 19, 2005, a successful 13-hour operation on a ten-month old Manar Maged in Egypt. Manar died a few days before her second birthday due to a serious brain infection.

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