How do you get caffeine out of energy drinks?

Get caffeine out of energy drinks. Caffeine free red bull.

NileRed always liked the taste of energy drinks. Could there be caffeine-free versions (specifically RedBull)? It doesn’t seem like that will happen any time soon, so NileRed decided to try and do it.

Taking the caffeine out of RedBull so I can drink it at night

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Get caffeine out of energy drinks

He had removed 46 milligrams of caffeine from the Red Bull. If we include the drop that was lost on the plate it was probably closer to 47 milligrams.

The only issue with extracting just the caffeine from a beverage is that it might be impossible to do so without destroying the drink.

Moreover, removing even small amounts of certain ingredients could change the flavor.

The caffeine in Red Bull is quite acidic, with a pH of three-point four three, which means that a lot of it might not be extractable.

After the first extraction, the caffeine was still there, so he repeated the extraction three more times and drained out the DCM.

To get the caffeine out, he had to ice it and then add some saturated salt solution to help dry it out.

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