UK and beyond are illuminated by the Buck Moon display

Buck Moon UK

In this time of year, when the moon is closest to the Earth, the Buck Moon or supermoon is the biggest and brightest full moon. The spectacular supermoon lit up the night sky on Wednesday night for lucky stargazers across the UK.

Around this time of year, male deer shed and regrow their antlers, which is why the full moon in July is known as Buck Moon.

Moon rising above the Needles on the Isle of Wight
Image caption, Graham Wiffen captured this picture of the moon over The Needles on the Isle of Wight

English skies have been lit up by what is believed to be the biggest and brightest moon of the year.

The Buck Moon – July’s full moon – was most visible Wednesday evening and was classified as a “supermoon”.

Due to its proximity to perigee, the Moon was larger and brighter during this event.

NASA cited the Maine Farmer’s Almanac as saying the Algonquin Native Americans of what is now the north-east United States called it the “Buck Moon.” It occurs when buck deer begin to grow antlers.

Moon in Beeley Moor
Image caption, The Buck Moon was captured by local resident Jim in Beeley Moor, Derbyshire

Clear skies allowed lots of people to enjoy the impressive spectacle. The Buck Moon will be the biggest and brightest supermoon of the year because it represents the moon’s closest point to the Earth in 2022. The moon orbits the Earth on an elliptical path, rather than a circular one.

Moon in Burbage
Image caption, Andy Johson in Burbage, Leicestershire, grabbed a close-up view
Moon in Matlock
Image caption, Chris Cookman took this picture in Matlock, Derbyshire
Moon in Matlock
Image caption, Another picture of the supermoon in Matlock taken by Chris Cookman
Moon in Ripley
Image caption, Hiding behind the trees, this picture of the moon was captured in Ripley, Derbyshire
Buck Moon in East Leake
Image caption, A close-up taken by Maggie T Howlett in East Leake, Nottinghamshire

UK Buck Moon

The Supermoon as it rises through low clouds from Lauder Moor in the Scottish Borders

Awesome photographs have captured Buck Moon at various locations throughout the UK and elsewhere in the world.

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