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How Do Scientists Know What Earth’s Past Supercontinents Was?

Earth's Past Supercontinent

Scientists learn about Earth’s past supercontinent by studying evidence in rocks and minerals. By examining age, composition, magnetic properties, and other characteristics, researchers can piece together evidence to determine how long supercontinents have been around. By using computer modeling and…

Where did Earth’s water come from?

Where did Earth’s water come from

Origin of water on Earth: Scientists say it probably came from the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Scientists have long wondered about the origin of the Earth’s water. Until now, the official version was that the volatile elements (such…

Do We Get Any Heat From Other Stars

Earth gets heat from other stars.

Heat from other stars. Does the Earth receive heat from the millions of other stars in our galaxy? Does the light bring the heat and perhaps it cools down on the long journey through space to reach the earth and…