Scientists Discover a Mysterious Structure Hidden Inside the Earth

Scientists uncover a strange structure below the surface of the planet – About 4.5 billion years ago, the Earth formed from a solar nebula. It weighs 5972 yottagrams, and its radius is 6371 kilometers. There is so much information about our planet that it seems that scientists have studied everything about it. Unfortunately, this is an assumption that is far from the truth.

The Earth’s interior contains a mysterious structure.

What is UNDER the Earth’s crust raises more questions than it answers. And to find the answers to those questions, scientists use any method they can get their hands on. What ancient planet could be hidden inside the one we inhabit? How does the earth’s crust sound? How did the deepest journey into the Earth come to a stop?

Mysterious Structure Found Inside Earth

Our Earth consists of three main layers. The first to consider is the crust. This is the outermost layer of the planet. Its depth ranges from 5 to 75 kilometers. The thickest layers of the crust are found on the continents and the thinnest at the bottom of the oceans. The Earth’s crust is made up of plates that constantly move at the same rate as our nails grow.

This movement is due to the mantle, the next layer of the Earth. The depth of the Earth’s mantle is about – 2890 kilometers. This layer consists of silicate rock heated to 900 degrees Celsius near the crust and up to 4000 degrees Celsius at depth. When this glowing substance erupts upward, volcanic eruptions occur.

Finally, the last layer of the planet is the most mysterious. This is the core—the heart of our Earth. The radius of the core is about 2180 kilometers. The inner core is solid and is probably made of iron. The outer one is liquid and is made of an alloy of nickel and iron.

Moreover, the inner core rotates at a different speed than our planet. To explore the secrets of the inner layers of our world, scientists regularly perform various measurements. During one such seismic tomography of our planet, scientists discovered something strange: the mysterious lumps floating in the Earth’s mantle. Some of these clumps join together to form large-scale regions. The two largest are located under Africa and the Pacific Ocean.

How do scientists know what is inside the Earth?

Geological anomaly under Africa and the Pacific Ocean

Rather than floating harmlessly in the Earth’s mantle, they are creating a unique anomaly.

In particular, it is the South African anomaly, which weakens our planet’s magnetic field. Serious changes in the magnetic field can lead to catastrophic consequences, up to and including a change in the polls. The anomaly, however, is not as strong as it could be. So what is the reason for it?

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