What is science simple definition

What’s special about science? Knowledge can be of different types.

  • Knowing where the nearest store to your house is, is empirical knowledge.
  • A herbal remedy is traditional knowledge.

There are some who say that a divine being can reveal knowledge to you.

But when it comes to distinguishing what’s true regardless of any circumstances or beliefs. There’s a special type of knowledge: scientific knowledge.

Science has not always been like we know it today.

Even though in ancient times, Aristotle and Hypatia already investigated the the natural world. It wasn’t until the Middle Ages when Alhazen and Roger Bacon proposed that, for achieving true knowledge we need to start from evidence; not from ancient books.

During the Renaissance, Galileo got himself in big trouble because his claims, based on observation. And mathematics contradicted prevailing beliefs.

The scientific method became important in the 17th century thanks to people like the great Isaac Newton. and also that it proposes explanations based on logical reasoning. Also, science is universal.

So what is science simple definition?

  • Observation of regularities and even the formulation of theories.
  • Explanations and even discovering Laws of Nature.
  • Characteristic that distinguishes science is that it corrects itself.
  • It never arrives to definitive truths, but only provisional explanations.
  • It is possible that in the future evidence will emerge, improving or contradicting current knowledge.

Science is not always neutral.

Some have even used science as an excuse to justify racism or exploitation. Or as a source of technologies that can harm human kind.

But it has also served for enhancing our health, communication. And mostly to spectacularly and overwhelmingly enrich our conscience about ourselves. And the cosmos we’re part of.

It’s because of these amazing power that we could think science is entitled only to a few special beings.

When we don’t see them as crazy people eager to destroy the world. We think of scientists as extraordinary people. Something like priests who bring knowledge down from that unusual world they live in.

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