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Is it possible to have an earthquake in Mars?

earthquake in Mars

Scientists have considered Mars to be a dead planet. However, measurements of earthquakes on Mars indicate that there may still be movement of molten rocks beneath the planet’s solid crust. The magnetic field of the earth is created by the…

What is the radiative zone in the Sun?

A radiation zone, or radiative region is a layer of a star's interior

What is the Radiative Zone? A radiation zone is a layer in the interior of a star where energy is transported outwards by radiative diffusion and thermal conduction rather than by convection. The opacity and radiation flux within a star’s…

Are There Any Real Pictures of Mercury?

Real Pictures of Mercury

Mercury, the closest planet to our sun, is a very hot planet, with daytime temperatures reaching 430°C. However, the planet has cooled considerably over the years as its interior became colder. Real Pictures of Mercury Recommended posts: Mercury was a…