The advance of technology in the last century has been truly spectacular. It is just over a hundred years since humans were able to fly, and today we are already exploring Mars. The advances that are yet to come will undoubtedly be impressive, but not everything will be positive. That is why it is important to know about artificial intelligence and the advantages and disadvantages it can have for us.

The main objective of artificial intelligence is to provide a rapid response to all types of pathologies and to eliminate the margin of error that always exists when human beings are involved in a process.

A global phenomenon

Artificial Intelligence subfields.
AI consists of creating machines with capabilities similar to the human brain.

If there is one thing that leading technology experts agree on, it is that we are facing an unstoppable phenomenon that will change the history of mankind. Or rather, it is already changing history. Because the application of artificial intelligence to our daily lives is not something of the future, but is already visible today.

The revolution that is coming hand in hand with the automatic learning that technology is capable of, is going to make our lives easier on many levels. But it also presents us with new challenges. For example, is our data completely secure if we leave it in the hands of intelligent programs that could be hacked?

Another question is whether, as this technology advances, we will be able to control it 100%. A few years ago, alarm bells rang when Facebook had to disconnect one of its artificially intelligent programs because it had developed a language of its own that was not known to its creators.

Addressing the development of artificial intelligence, the advantages and disadvantages it may have, is key to knowing where we need to go in terms of technological development.

Artificial intelligence: advantages and disadvantages


Advantages of Artificial Intelligence.
Advantages of Artificial Intelligence.

Process automation

It allows machines to automatically do tasks that humans find repetitive and tedious.

Reduce human error

By reducing human intervention in certain processes, it eliminates the possibility of human error. For example, a typo when entering data into a business accounting system.

Boost creativity

By freeing workers from repetitive and unmotivating tasks, their minds are much freer to engage in the creative process.

Provides precision

By being able to make decisions on its own, artificial intelligence leads to much more efficient production processes with a lower error rate.

Streamlines decision making

Artificial intelligence is capable of analyzing thousands of data in just minutes and also takes into account possible data updates. Well-synthesized and updated information helps professionals to make strategic decisions.


Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence.
Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

Difficult access to data

For artificial intelligence to function properly, it must have up-to-date and reliable data, but this is not always the case. Therefore, one of the biggest challenges is to ensure that these systems can access the data they need at all times.

Lack of qualified professionals

One of the disadvantages of this technology is that its development is not as fast as it should be because there is a lack of well-qualified professionals who can implement the necessary adjustments.

Development is costly

Although artificial intelligences applied to the fields of medicine, production, business management, etc. can be very useful, the development of artificial intelligence is still very expensive, which means that it is not accessible to everyone.

With artificial intelligence, the advantages and disadvantages are there and it is up to us to decide which weighs more. Considering the way in which they can improve the way of working in very different sectors, it is clear that the benefits outweigh the disadvantages.

Experts in this field will be needed both now and in the future. Now is a good time to find out more about Master’s Degree in Artificial Intelligence and train to work in a sector that is undergoing great development.

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