Akio Toyota, who served as CEO for 14 years, recently announced his retirement, and Koji Sato has been named Toyota’s new CEO. There is speculation that this change in leadership may affect Toyota’s approach to electrification.

We will explore this issue further and discuss how the new CEO could potentially change the company. Join us as we delve into this topic and examine the potential implications of this leadership change for Toyota.

New Toyota CEO confirms big changes

We discuss the recent announcement of Koji Sato as the new CEO of Toyota and the potential changes he may bring. Sato, who was previously the CEO of Lexus, is known for his focus on quality and craftsmanship, as well as his advocacy of environmental sustainability.

The article speculates on whether Sato’s appointment could lead to a change in Toyota’s stance on electrification, but notes that he has committed to a 360-degree approach to carbon neutrality, suggesting that Toyota will not change its mind on electrification.

In the video above, he also discusses the challenges facing the automotive industry, such as responding to the expansion of the electric vehicle market and the need to reduce emissions.

Green hydrogen economy: this is how it can work

Big news from Toyota

From what we have learned, it appears that Toyota’s stance on electrification will remain consistent under the new leadership of Koji Sato.

Koji Sato previously led Lexus to develop vehicles with improved fuel economy and reduced emissions, and encouraged the development of autonomous driving technology. However, Toyota’s chief scientist Gil Pratt has suggested that hybrids, fuel cell powertrains and even hydrogen internal combustion engines should be included in a comprehensive approach to reducing emissions, as limited lithium supplies for batteries could cause the all-electric strategy to fall short of emissions reduction goals.

Toyota’s outgoing CEO believes that the United States will fall short of its goal of 50 electric vehicle sales by 2023. It is unclear from the available information how Toyota’s EV rollout will be affected by the recent instability.

While it is true that Koji Sato is expected to bring a fresh perspective to Toyota with his youth and innovative ideas, it is unclear at this point whether he will fully embrace an all-electric strategy.


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