What Are the Benefits of 5G

How will the fifth generation technology standard for broadband cellular networks help humans: 5G is more than a new generation of cell phones. Some even call it a “technological revolution” because of its many incredible possibilities, which will mainly affect free time, the Internet of things, connected cars, and medicine.

The first two generations made it possible to use cell phones, which was a big step forward compared to landline phones. The third brought the Internet and made them “smart,” the so-called smartphones. The fourth continued this line of improvement, improving the user experience, and increasing the capabilities. So much so that today we can do almost anything from our cell phones.

What Exactly Are the Advantages of 5G?

The application possibilities are as diverse as they are ambitious. At the level of individual users and companies, 5G will increase the Internet’s speed to an unusual amount, hard to imagine. We are talking about milliseconds.

For example we can:

  • Download a movie in a second
  • Follow sports broadcasts from any corner of the field as if we were there
  • And play from the smartphone with the same fluidity as a computer or video console

All this is also possible thanks to Edge Computing, one of the technologies that will define and revolutionize how we connect to the Internet faster.

The Internet of Things

However, this speed will not be exclusive to leisure, of course. Companies will also notice a very significant increase in their network connection. They will also see, finally, how electronic devices are connected in a remarkable way.

What we call the Internet of Things (IoT), which has been taking its first steps for a long time, will see enormous development making machines and devices “intelligent.”

The Connected Car

Another important field of action and the benefit of 5G is the connected cars. Cars that can improve their connectivity thanks to Movistar Car, Telefónica’s intelligent device that offers great benefits by reminding the user where the car is parked, automatically sending alerts if it has suffered a failure or recommendations on the best routes depending on traffic or radar. And all this without consuming data.

With 5G, not only will you have wifi, but you can also connect with your surroundings: with traffic lights, to know when you will suddenly turn red, with other vehicles, to avoid crashing, and even to warn of cyclists and pedestrians nearby. 

This opens the doors to the long-awaited autonomous cars capable of driving by themselves. Until now, they have been at an experimental and assisted level.


The health sector will also be particularly affected. The 5G will not only allow extremely rapid monitoring of at-risk patients, for example, with watches or PDAs. Still, it will also offer the possibility to operate remotely.

Some interventions have already been carried out with this technology, such as this digestive endoscopy in Malaga, performed by a Japanese doctor from his hospital, more than 11,000 kilometers away.

Other tools, such as ambulances, can also benefit over time, with 5G for diagnostic imaging and remote assistance or drones to transport defibrillators if needed.

All this, which seems so far away and inaccessible, begins to be considered with the arrival of 5G. It is not surprising, then, that we are talking about a real technological revolution that has already come from the hand of Telefónica.



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