The Electric Plasma Jet Engine: The Future Of Air Travel!

Plasma Jet Engines are gonna change commercial travel forever. The new Plasma Jet Engine is a big step up from its little brother the Ion Propulsion Engine. This would create a fully electric engine which would make electric airplanes a reality.

Video: Electric Plasma Jet Engine: The Future Of Air Travel Explained!

Nevertheless, this technology has its drawbacks. One of them is the high energy demand that they need to power.

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What are Electric Plasma Jet Engines?

Imagine an airliner that travels the world using only clean electricity and fresh air.

That’s the big idea behind a new generation of jet thrusters making big waves in engineering labs all over the world.

What’s the real deal here – is this the solution to global climate change and fossil fuel dependency – or just a bunch of hot air?

Video: Electric Plasma Jet Engine

A few futurologists have suggested that we may see a generation of hybrid planes that cruise in the high atmosphere using plasma jets.

This is after fossil fuels perform all the heavy lifting on takeoff. Even so, this promising green technology will take a while to take off.

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