Vivo X80 Pro: camera, specs, features and more!

The Vivo X80 pro is a new kind of phone. It comes with a hard case, a USB cable, a pair of earphones, and a charger.

Vivo X80 Pro
Vivo X80 Pro

The fingerprint scanner on the phone is one of the best on the market. It works with wet hands, under direct sunlight, and supports two-finger authentication.

The phone has a 27-layer calling system, 12 gigabytes of ram, a Snapdragon 801 chip, and a storage controller chip that can read and write data way faster than any last Gen phone.

Vivo’s new flagship has a bigger battery, can charge faster, and has a more battery efficient screen.

The camera system on the back of this phone is a behemoth, and it’s so ridiculously fun to use. It has Zeiss color, and it can take photos that look 100 spot on with what your eyes are seeing.

Vivo x80 pro review

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The portrait mode on this phone is awesome. With the portrait mode, you can:

1. Take wide screenshots in the cinematic aspect ratio.

2. Turn background lights into oval flares.

3. Take proper group portrait shots when you snap a portrait of multiple people.

Ultra HD document scanning is insane, and it’s not boring. It’s similar to the notes app on the iPhone but better, and it upscales the shot you’ve taken.

The top three things are the anti-reflective cameras. The glass covering the cameras is so clear and anti-reflective that you can’t see the glass, and the cameras take brighter photos.

Vivo’s new X80 series camera

Vivo’s new X80 series phones use a brand new camera sensor and a chip that focuses on optimizing the camera’s output, which gives you real-time Extreme Night Vision.

The camera app on the phone keeps getting cooler, with features like Ultra High Resolution, Tripod Detection, Panorama, Night Shot, Long Exposure, Astro mode, Super Moon Mode, and Double Exposure.

The single biggest improvement that I can see on this phone isn’t its ability to take night video. Still, it does have a specific night video mode that makes a difference.

Vivo phones are seldom easy to review because of the differences between versions sold in China and ones for outside markets. For example, the X80 Pro has two different chipsets and different materials this year. In addition, the main camera uses an exclusive Samsung sensor.

The X70 Pro+ had another layer of cardboard on top with a window cutout for the camera island.

The Vivo X80 Pro comes with a charger, case, and in-ear buds. Unfortunately, the case doesn’t offer much protection for the camera cluster.


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