Taiwan’s Defense Ministry criticized Chinese military exercises taking place during a visit by U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Spokesman Sun Li-fang said the “reckless” exercises challenged international order, destroyed regional security and amounted to a blockade of Taiwan’s airspace and waters.

Taiwan’s defence ministry slams Chinese military drills amid Pelosi visit

Sun also warned that China continues to spread misinformation and that citizens should not believe rumors on the Internet.

Throughout history, China has always used force to conquer Taiwan, considering it part of its territory. The United States has warned China not to use Pelosi’s visit as a pretext for military action against Taiwan.

In the midst of high tensions as U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi visits the island, Taiwan’s defense ministry claimed on Wednesday that Chinese military drills had violated United Nations regulations, invaded Taiwan’s territorial space, and amounted to a blockade of its air and sea.

According to Taiwan’s defense ministry, the island will adamantly defend its security, retaliate against any action that infringes upon territorial sovereignty, and raise its state of alertness under the guiding principle of not provoking war.

At a news conference on Wednesday, the defense ministry also stated that China is still conducting psychological warfare against Taiwan and urged the public to avoid believing rumors and to report any fake news to the authorities.


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