Videos Show Russian Citizens Stuck in Traffic Trying to Flee

Russian citizens are trying to leave the country by plane or car in response to the Russian military mobilization and conscription being implemented by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

#CNN #News – Videos show Russian citizens stuck in traffic trying to flee


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Videos show Russian citizens stuck in traffic trying to flee the country in response to the military mobilization and conscription being implemented by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

A Russian MP has revealed the secret of Putin’s mobilization of troops in Ukraine, saying that the troops will be trained for only two weeks before being sent to the front lines.

A video was released of a fight between an alleged Wagner mercenary and Russian soldiers. The video shows that many Russian soldiers seemed completely unprepared and fled immediately.

Putin announced a partial mobilization of Russian citizens during a highly anticipated speech to the nation on Wednesday morning.

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a partial mobilization of reservists Wednesday, escalating tensions with the Western backers of Ukraine, and made an ominous nuclear threat after losses in Ukraine. Joe Biden and allied leaders have reacted angrily to Vladimir Putin’s threats to use force.

The South Ukraine Nuclear Power Plant was damaged by a missile attack by Russian troops on the plant’s industrial site in the southern Mykolaiv region. The nature of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is unclear.


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