A Russian army exhibition of stolen Ukrainian weapons was unveiled at the Patriot Exhibition Centre in Moscow during the International Military-Technical Forum ‘Army 2022’.

Russia shows off stolen Ukrainian weapons at an arms sales convention. #Russia #Ukraine #UkraineWar [wordads]

Military delegations from 72 nations attended the Kremlin’s annual arms expo this week, according to Russia.

During the exhibition, the Russian Army displayed its most advanced weapons, which Putin claimed was ‘decades’ ahead of Western rivals.

But key allies such as India and Egypt expressed concern about the easy destruction of expensive weapons in Ukraine.

Russia is the second biggest exporter of $15 billion (£12.5 billion) in arms sales: India, Egypt, & China account for one-third of arms sales.

Western sanctions have made Moscow’s weapons industry even more crucial as the national economy falters. During a series of humiliations in occupied Crimea, Putin dismissed a Black Sea Fleet commander.

Putin shows off his toys

The Russian army showed off its latest weapons at its annual arms convention outside Moscow, but has faced pushback from key buyers India and Egypt.

Russia has offered support to countries it considers allies in Latin America, Africa and Asia since its invasion.

Putin has sacked a commander of the Black Sea Fleet after humiliating failures in occupied Crimea. The new commander was introduced to the fleet’s military council in Sevastopol.


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