Ryan Giggs asked his neighbor Linda Cheung to call the police, but she said she wouldn’t.

    Ryan Giggs was in court today for the second week of his trial for assault and controlling behavior. His ex-girlfriend told her publicist that the bruises on her wrist were from “rough sex” with Giggs the night before.

    Ryan Giggs Emma Greville
    I’m beginning to think Ryan Giggs isn’t the master criminal we thought he was

    Emma Greville claimed Ryan Giggs told her “I’m going to headbutt you next” during the argument at his house. Emma said she was afraid he would do the same to her.

    Emma Greville, the sister of Ryan Giggs’ ex-girlfriend Kate Greville, said she saw the pair arguing in the trunk of his house and that Giggs called Kate a liar.

    Ms Greville claims Ryan got physical with her in a Dubai hotel room in 2017 and that she was dragged out of the room naked.

    Ryan Giggs trial
    Ryan Giggs trial: ‘Distressed’ footballer went in slippers to neighbour for help on night he ‘headbutted’ ex, court hears

    The trial of the former Manchester United footballer began at Manchester Crown Court with testimony from Ms. Roodt. She said she had to block Giggs’ emails because they were interfering with Ms. Greville’s work.

    Ryan Giggs allegedly headbutted his ex-girlfriend and threatened to do the same to her sister. He was then taken to a police van and locked in the back seat.

    On Friday, jurors heard two dramatic 911 calls made after the soccer player’s alleged assault. One caller identified the alleged perpetrator as Ryan Giggs.

    A recording of Emma Greville’s 999 call after her sister’s alleged assault was played to jurors, who heard Emma yelling at Giggs and saying she didn’t care if his daughter was 17 or not.

    Police camera footage showed Ms. Greville claiming Giggs had cheated on her with 10 or 12 women.

    Ms. Greville told her friend that she needed a plan to get away from Mr. Giggs and that she would have her IUD removed and take a test for STDs.

    Former Manchester United player Ryan Giggs court.
    BREAKING: Former Manchester United player Ryan Giggs headbutted his ex-girlfriend & threatened to do the same to her sister, a court has heard.

    Ryan Giggs is accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend and her sister and throwing a laptop at her head.

    Ryan Giggs is accused of controlling and coercing Kate Greville between August 2017 and November 2020. Ms. Greville alleges that Giggs had affairs with eight other women during their “toxic” six-year relationship.

    Ryan Giggs and Emma Greville relationship

    The former Wales midfielder denies assaulting Kate Greville and her sister Emma during their six-year relationship.

    Emma told the court that the pair had been involved in a heated argument and that things had been “frosty” in their relationship. She said the relationship started out as “loving” but became “distant.”

    He is also accused of assaulting Ms Greville’s younger sister, Emma Greville, during an incident on the same day and of using coercion or controlling her intermittently throughout their six-year relationship.

    Ms. Roodt said Ms. Greville was “lighter, happier” when the relationship ended but was “more worried” when the relationship flared up again.

    The court heard Giggs had been in relationships with eight other women during their six-year relationship and initially told police at the scene there were as many as 12.

    Ms Greville denied she had planned to become pregnant with Giggs’ child when their relationship broke down.

    Ms Greville told the court that Giggs had had relationships with eight other women during their six-year relationship.

    Ms Greville told police she found evidence on Giggs’ iPad that he had cheated on her with 10 or 12 women over the last six years and that he had had eight other relationships continuously since 2014.

    Ms Greville was questioned by Giggs’ lawyer about her decision to continue her relationship with the ex-footballer despite claiming she had been physically and emotionally abused.

    Mr Daw targeted Ms Greville’s suggestion that Giggs had interfered with her relationships with her friends in the period before the relationship ended in November 2020.

    Ms Greville alleged that Giggs had “extensive” affairs with eight other women during their “toxic” six-year on-off relationship and that he “dragged” her out of a five-star hotel, left her naked in the hallway and threw a bag containing her laptop at her head.

    He allegedly messaged and/or blocked Ms. Greville when she asked about Giggs’ relationship with other women and threw her bag at her.


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