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Diablo Immortal

I’ve been playing Diablo Immortal on my cell phone, and I gotta say it’s very bad. It’s free to play, pay to win, and has a lot of bad aspects.

Diablo Immortal REVIEW

Diablo Immortal is a strange game that sits between Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 on the timeline. It has a simplistic design, very dumb enemies, and easy combat, and it’s made to be tapped at for 30 minutes a day and then completely forgotten.

This game controls via touch, and it’s intended for cell phones. You can play as a Barbarian, Crusader, Necromancer, or Wizard.

You’re going to notice that everything in this game dies super fast and that everything is based on a cooldown system. You can also summon skeletons and ghosts to help you escape or do a bone scythe.

In free-to-play games, you want people to level up so they can buy cosmetics, costumes, and spell effects. Still, you can also completely break the experience by buying crests and enchantments.

In Diablo, you can buy crests to further enhance randomized dungeons, giving them more bonuses, more loot, and better rewards. You get a free crest every day, but you have to pay real money if you want the best crests.

Gems and enchantments can make your gear deal out additional damage, stun enemies, and create passive shields that absorb damage.

The Diablo Immortal Game is Unfair

Diablo Immortal is unfair because the game wants you to get to the end game tier as quickly as possible. So you get a level every five or six minutes if you’re leveling a lot.

The game has tons of randomized content, like Diablo’s randomized maps and quests.

People will ask you to go and take out a particular monster or try and save a particular objective in Sanctuary. It feels more natural because people are just perpetually dropping into your world.

This game has many dungeon-based systems, where you can either form a party with randomized players, invite specific friends, or increase the difficulty. It still feels very much like a cell phone game, however.

I tried Diablo Immortal, but I couldn’t imagine spending microtransactions or playing for longer than a single day. So please don’t mess up Diablo 4 and make a real game instead.

Before You Buy

Diablo Immortal (PC, iOS, Android) is the free-to-play mobile version of Diablo.

We played Diablo Immortal, a free-to-play version of the Diablo game, and gave our first impressions. We think it’s fun, but we don’t know if it’s gonna win any favor with the hardcore crowd.

I played mostly mobile, but I did pop on PC and play it with a controller and touchscreen controls. It’s pretty easy to play and addictive, like Intro 101 to Diablo.

Combat is satisfying, the abilities look impressive, and loot drops often. And there are some cool death animations, like when enemies claw at their faces and then explode and when enemies slowly turn to stone.

The environments are cool, the loop seems somewhat satisfying, and the story is okay. The part that bothered me was when the story tried to explain a magical rare crest item that I needed to modify my rift for more bonuses.

All the main gameplay, dungeons, PVP, and raids are free. However, cosmetics, an upgraded battle pass, crafting materials, and overly complicated item and currency systems are all available for purchase.

Some folks might not mind this stuff, but it’s just annoying and overly convoluted for me. It’s not bad for the main game, but it seems more of a grind machine for the end game.

It’s still early in the game

We don’t know how bad monetization truly is. If I play a game for 80 hours and then there’s a hint that the monetization will be bad, I lose interest.

The other thing they need to figure out is the account stuff. If you buy stuff like cosmetics or battle pass rewards, that stuff is locked to your single character or server, which seems not a very good decision.

The rest of the game is pretty darn good. I love the enemies, the classes, the streamlined gameplay and menus, the sound effects, the beautiful and expansive city hub, and even the community interactions.

I will give you some pros, cons, and personal opinions. I also ask for your opinion on Diablo Immortal, if you’re playing it, how you’re feeling, what class you’re rolling with, and how you’ve been playing with friends.

We hope these videos helped you out.

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