6 Tips to Make Your Android Phone Faster

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Android phones, especially older ones, can be slow or crash after prolonged use or accumulation of apps. However, some measures promise to ease the “burden” of age and alleviate performance issues and make your phone faster. In some cases, battery life can also be positively affected.

Fortunately, most of the following tips can be done on the system itself, without the need to install additional applications. However, in some cases, there are programs that can help you achieve more satisfactory results. In this tutorial, you’ll find six tips to make your Android run faster.

Remove unused applications

It may seem like a very simple tip, but it’s true that it makes a difference. Even if you do not use them, the apps installed on your phone can consume a large amount of memory or even run without your knowledge. Therefore, it is better to get rid of them. See how you can do it without installing anything:

  1. Go to “Settings > Applications”;
  2. Select the desired application, and tap “Uninstall”.

If you need help finding the apps you no longer use on your device, Google has an application called “Files” to help you. Follow these steps to use it:

  1. Download the application through this link;
  2. When opening it, slide the screen down until you find the option “Find unused apps”. When accessing it, it will ask for a special configuration. Touch “Go to settings > Files” and enable the option “Allow usage tracking”;
  3. Go back to the app and access again the option “Find unused apps”. In this screen, just select the desired app and touch uninstall. You can remove more than one application at a time;

Prevent apps from initializing along with the system

Another fairly common problem with Android’s slowness involves apps that start along with the system, regardless of whether they are in use. Unfortunately, the system doesn’t provide an easy way to identify and disable them. But the Startup Manager apps promise to help with this task. Try it out:

  1. Download the application through this link;

When disabling an Android startup item, be careful not to remove essential applications that might affect the system’s operation. Prefer the User tab, which lists only the less important applications, while the System tab contains the essential services.

Contrary to what you might imagine, using this tool does not require root. If you still feel confident, you can create a startup profile via the Customize tab and allow only the highlighted apps to start when you turn on the phone. In any case, avoid using the Disable All option.

Disable animations

Depending on the processing power of your smartphone, it is possible that Android animations cause some slowness at certain times, such as screen and menu transitions. By default, there is no option for this in the system settings, unless developer mode is enabled. See how you can do this:

  1. Access the settings screen and go to “About phone”;
  2. Under “Software information”, tap seven times on the “Build number” option.

Ok, now that the developer mode is active we can disable the animations. Follow these steps:

  1. Access the “Settings” screen and go to “Developer Options”;
  2. Look for the “Animation Scale” options and set them as ” Animation Off”.

That’s it! If you want to activate the animations again, just follow these above steps.

How to Make Your Android Phone Faster 2020

Depending on the manufacturer, Android has a different interface. Motorola, for example, includes an almost pure Android, while Samsung includes a customized version with TouchWiz. These system customizations ultimately affect performance. However, some launchers can lighten the phone’s resource load. Here are some suggestions:

  • New Launcher – Highly customizable, this app brings options for those seeking performance without giving up support for essential features like widgets;
  • Action Launcher – With a simpler interface, this application allows the user to customize various aspects of the home screen;
  • Microsoft Launcher – With a clean and fluid interface, it also brings options to synchronize activities between the smartphone and the PC.

Clean temporary files to make your Android phone faster

When they use Android apps, they store some files on the system to help them work faster on a day-to-day basis. However, the accumulation of these files leads to some slowness. To delete them in an easier way, you can use the Files by Google app, which we also used for the first tip of this tutorial. Give it a try:

  1. If you have not yet downloaded File Go, download it through this link;
  2. In your home screen go to “Temporary apps files”, select the items and go to “Delete”.

Files by Google cleans files from the system cache. It is also possible to delete cache files by the Android system itself without external programs, but Files by Google app presents this option in a more efficient and convenient way for the user.

Disabling pre-installed apps to make your Android phone faster

Manufacturers that equip their smartphones with Android often include pre-installed applications that cannot be removed without rooting the device. However, you can disable some of them to avoid them running in the background and consuming device resources. Now let’s take a look at how you can disable such applications:

  1. Access the “Settings” screen and go to “Applications”;
  2. Look for an application that came “pre-installed” and tap the “Deactivate” option.

This way, even if the application is not removed, it will not work. This way you’ll have more RAM available for the rest of your activities.

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