How to Clean Windows 10 Temporary Files and Free up Hard Drive Space

Clean up temporary files in windows 10

Windows 10 generates temporary files, which are used to speed up system and application loading. However, as time goes by, this cache can take up considerable space on your hard drive.

To prevent the hard drive from hindering PC performance, check out how to use Microsoft’s native system tool. Use this tool to clean temporary files from your computer or tablet and free up disk space.

Clean Windows 10 Temporary Files:

Step 1. Open the new Windows 10 control panel. To do this, go to the Start Menu and click “Settings” in the left column;

Access the Windows 10 settings.
Access the Windows 10 settings. (Photo: Reproduction/Daniel Vol)

Step 2: In the settings, click on “System”;

Step 3. On the left side of the window, click on “Storage”;

Access the storage options
Access the storage options. (Photo: Reproduction/Daniel Vol)

Step 4: Wait until Windows calculates the size of each item. When finished, slide the screen and click “Temporary files”;

Open the temporary files
Open the temporary files (Photo: Reproduction/Daniel Vol)

Step 5. Click on “Remove temporary files” and finally on “Yes, I am sure” to confirm.

Erasing temporary files in Windows 10
Erasing temporary files in Windows 10 (Photo: Reproduction/Daniel Vol)

That’s it! With this simple tip, you will delete Windows 10 temporary files and free up HD space. Remember to repeat the procedure on the other disks and drives of your computer.

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