How Did Humans Become Earth’s Dominant Species?

Humans earth's dominant species
How did humans become the dominant species on Earth?

The story of human evolution is the story of our species acquiring dominance. This episode goes back over three million years to examine clues in the human genome that explain how humans evolved from being tree-dwelling apes to becoming the world’s most dominant primate.

Humans earth's dominant species
How did humans become the dominant species on Earth?

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We explore how genetics has underpinned human evolution, from our rise from primates on the African plains to our spread across the globe. This article asks how genetics can be even more influential in shaping future evolution. The amazing story of the human race is told through location film and state-of-the-art computer visualization.

Video: By what means did the human species become Earth’s dominant species?

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The video is absolutely amazing. It offers a lot more information that is really interesting to me. I wonder why my grade school teachers weren’t able to teach this way.

The key to humanity’s global dominance is energy

We humans use energy for much more than just powering our metabolism, unlike nearly every other creature on Earth.

Thousands of years ago, humanity discovered fire, which led to our exceptional relationship with energy.

We used fire for much more than just keeping warm, warding off predators, and enhancing our hunting ability.

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When did humans become the dominant species?

The Pleistocene epoch is thought to be the time when humans began changing the global environment. This contributed to the mass extinction of megafauna, including giant kangaroos and mammoths on almost every continent. However, some date it to the advent of agriculture some 7,000 years ago.

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