In the video, you’ll see drone footage of residential buildings in Odesa, Ukraine, that have been ravaged by Russian airstrikes. The destruction is absolutely horrifying and may make you question what’s going on in the region.

    Russian airstrikes brutally bombard homes in Odesa, Ukraine

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    Drone footage shows the devastation left behind by Russian airstrikes on residential buildings in Odesa, Ukraine. Ukraine’s State Emergency Service released a video Wednesday (Aug. 17) showing the aftermath of a Russian missile strike 60 kilometers south of Odesa in the coastal town of Zatoka.

    Ukraine’s civil protection agency said in a Facebook post that four people were injured in the impact, a fire broke out, and heavy damage was caused to a resort in the town.

    Reuters was unable to independently verify the authenticity of the video, the date it was taken, and the location of the footage. The railroad bridge in Zatoka is an essential link between the south of the Odesa region and the rest of Ukraine. It has already been attacked several times during the war.

    The Russian airstrikes in Odesa, Ukraine have caused a great deal of damage to homes and other buildings in the area.

    Even though the Ukrainian government has been trying to repair the damage, it will take a long time for the city to recover. In the meantime, people are living in fear and uncertainty, not knowing when or where the next Russian airstrike will hit.


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