Space Suit Fantasy

A picture from a movie where two astronauts dressed in space suits approach Mars.

Except for a few examples, science fiction movies depicting the adventures of humans in space present space suits whose connection to reality is coincidental. Recall the space suits designed for the heroes of the following movies

  • Armageddon
  • The Fifth Element
  • James Bond
  • Star Trek and many others

Space Suits in Films

VIDEO: Real Astronaut Rates Unrealistic Space Movie Scenes.

While suits designed for alien or human characters in the distant future should differ from today’s spacesuits. There’s another more fundamental problem. Take this awesome guy, for example:

Astronaut waves goodbye before going out into space  Photo: NASAAstronaut waves goodbye before going out into space

And now try to imagine how James Bond fights his enemies in the movie “Moonraker“. Also, how the “interstellar” heroes try to explore planets with this space suit.

By the way, if we compare some of the experiments NASA has done in developing space suits, like this experimental hard-shell suit from 1988:

AX5 Space Suit |  Photo: NASA
AX5 space suit. (And what may seem like “granny panties” to you … yes, that’s part of the suit) Photo: NASA

The modern suit suddenly seems less embarrassing.

And here’s the space suit the Russians designed for the first spacewalk in history:

Russian space suit, Moscow Museum of Astronautics  Photo: Armael / Wikimedia
Russian space suit, Moscow Museum of Astronautics Photo: Armael / Wikimedia.

Over the years, NASA has done its utmost to:

  • Improve the comfort of wearing the suits 
  • To increase the astronauts’ freedom of movement within them 
  • and also the sensitivity to the hands. 

It is impossible to find the “perfect” spacesuit, as specific properties are needed for varying conditions. Some movies in the long history of Sci-Fi movies have almost predicted what astronauts would wear in the 21st century, while others got it gruesomely WRONG.

So the future generation of space suits will be quite different.

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