The Real Reason SpaceX and NASA Are Going To The Moon

The Real Reason SpaceX and NASA Are Going To The Moon

Let’s talk about how we can use the moon for a greater purpose in the decades and centuries to come. We should build spaceships on the moon, use them as humanity’s first interstellar spaceport, and use it to finally gain access to our solar system.

The Moon is our best candidate for humanity’s first spaceport because it offers favorable conditions for building and launching spacecraft. The resources available on the Moon will be an important factor in the success of a spaceport.

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Why use the Moon

We need rare earth metals to make important things like:

  • Magnets
  • Lasers
  • Battery electrodes
  • Capacitors
  • Telescopic lenses
  • Fiber optic cables
  • Hard drives for computers

Helium-3 left over from cosmic rays could be used to fuel a nuclear reaction on the Moon. Allowing us to generate large amounts of electricity. The Moon has almost everything we already have here on Earth. But Earth is one of the worst places in the Solar System to send a rocket into space.

The perfect environment for spaceships

We should build spaceships on the Moon and use them as a gateway to the rest of our solar system, we should use the Moon as a gateway to the rest of our solar system.

Some valuable metals on the lunar surface, such as titanium and aluminum, could be used to make a spacecraft shell.

Spacecraft could use helium-3 left behind by cosmic rays to generate electricity on the Moon. Still, the long day-night cycle would make solar power almost useless.

The Moon is much easier than Earth for launching and landing spacecraft.

We can build spacecraft in space, but we can’t make a spaceport on the Moon because the Moon has low gravity. So we can’t build a Moon spaceport without first building infrastructure on the Moon.

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