New application by microsoft allows you to change your PC’s wallpapers using Bing images. One of the possibilities that Windows offers is related to the great capacity of personalization of our PC. Wallpaper, image browser ,welcome image and the appearance of folders … many options that increase our control. Now you can customize the wallpaper thanks to the images of Bing.

    The American company has launched the Bing Wallpaper tool in the Application Store, a free utility that allows the wallpaper to change automatically every day using Bing images without having to intervene at any time.

    A custom Bing

    A custom Bing wallpaper app.
    Custom Bing wallpaper.

    The application that Michael Gillett has echoed on Twitter. You can Download the app from this link. Its very easy to use and does not offer any difficulties.

    Once Bing Wallpaper is downloaded, we only need to run the .exe file to “Install”. In the browser you can add the extension. Now from this moment you can explore Bing Wallpaper in the icon on the taskbar.

    In addition, two suggestions will offer us to use Bing as the welcome page. And that Bing is the default search engine used. Options that are left to the user.

    Bing 2 wallpaper app
    Wallpaper app.

    The images are loaded randomly. Replacing the background that we currently have established. However, if we do not like the image used at any time, we can use the control arrows in the Bing Wallpaper box on the taskbar. From the taskbar we can change the background.

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