BRABUS ROCKET GLS 900 2023 | Sound, Exterior and Interior


Mercedes Maybach Brabus has redesigned the interior of the GLS 600 and installed a 4.5-liter V8 Brabus engine that produces 900 horsepower and 1250 Newton meters of torque.

Brabus 2023 GLS900 Rocket Edition based on Maybach 2022 GLS600. #brabus #brabus900 #maybach

The exterior of the Maybach GLS is completely different from the standard GLS, as it has a Brabus double B instead of a star, a shadow chrome grille, and carbon fiber parts.

The Brabus GLS isn’t aggressive, but it is sporty dominant and has more rear seat space than the base GLS.

The car has 24-inch monoblock wheels, carbon fiber side fenders, and the signature of Constantin Buschmann, the CEO of Brabus.

Brabus repainted all the chrome parts on the car and gave it a cool touch. They also added 900 horsepower and massive exhaust tips.

The Brabus-specific leather door panels, carbon fiber accents, and signature gray interior show the attention to detail.

You get a beautiful two-tone carbon fiber interior and a nice round steering wheel.

The car’s frame is carbon fiber, the airbag cover is leather, and the knobs are shadow chrome.

Luxury SUV – BRABUS 900

The Ultimate Luxury SUV – BRABUS 900

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The BRABUS 900 is a next-level luxury SUV. A luxurious SUV with breathtaking looks and unsurpassed performance. It is equipped with a BRABUS Rocket 900 4.5-liter V8 twin-turbo displacement engine and 24-inch BRABUS Monoblock M “Platinum Edition” forged wheels.

Exclusive design and high-grade aerodynamic parts define the car. Additionally, it reduces lift at high speeds for flawless stability.

The BRABUS 900 is a luxury SUV with a 4.5-liter V8 twin-turbo displacement engine. It has a top speed of 320 km/h. In addition, the car is incredibly comfortable and luxurious.

The stainless-steel high-performance exhaust system offers a:

  • tasteful and urbane sound experience
  • striking new appearance
  • superior power delivery

The BRABUS 900’s 24-inch BRABUS Monoblock M “Platinum Edition” forged wheels and BRABUS Airmatic sports unit ensure maximum strength and sporty performance.

The interior of the BRABUS 900 is in black and beige leather. It features:

  • unique BRABUS seashell diamond stitching
  • exposed-carbon elements
  • aluminum pedals
  • door-lock pins
  • stainless-steel scuff plates

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