Galaxy Book2 Pro is the first laptop with ARC Alchemist graphics

Galaxy Book2 Pro ARC Alchemist graphics
Galaxy Book2 Pro ARC Alchemist graphics

Galaxy Book2 Pro ARC Alchemist graphics, 2022. Intel is set to launch the first dedicated graphics cards in notebooks, in the form of several models to be unveiled in the next few days, taking a place currently dominated by NVIDIA with the now almost defunct GTX and MX 550. The Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro is the first notebook to feature an ARC Alchemist as its dedicated GPU. How is it?

Intel is aware of the growing popularity of so-called ultra-thin gaming notebooks, which combine a lightweight industrial design with the above-average performance expected from such computers. In this way, it was possible to develop a notebook concept that is very light, but at the same time does not sacrifice performance compared to similar concepts of the past. ARC Alchemist’s low-end graphics cards for notebooks may not be a panacea for gaming, but they are a step forward for anyone who wants to carry around a notebook and use applications that benefit greatly from a graphics card inside.

So they’re not good enough for the latest generation of gaming, but they’re good enough for professional content creation. That makes them extremely mobile workstations.

Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro is the first notebook with ARC Alchemist

It won’t be long before Intel unveils its ARC Alchemist architecture, but before the long-awaited March 30 date arrives, the first laptop has already leaked, namely the Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro, an ultra-thin laptop that also features an Intel Core 12 CPU. It is already available, which indicates that, as we suspected, notebook models with Intel’s new dedicated graphics card are already in the pre-launch phase.

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As can be seen, this is not a high-caliber notebook in terms of performance, its 16 GB of LPDDR5 memory reveals this along with its 2.1 GHz CPU. What’s more, everything points to the fact that it could be a model with a TDP of 15 W. Especially since it weighs only 1.13 kg and, as can be seen in the images, it is a very thin computer.

Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro
Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro

It’s also not known which model of graphics card it will be, as it could be an A350M or an A370; all we can say is that it’s probably based on the DG2-128 chip, making it the most basic of the ARC Alchemists, which once again confirms that it’s not a gaming machine. What is certain is that Intel’s CPU and GPU tandem will enable the use of Intel’s Deep Link technologies. Not to mention that the ARC Alchemist architecture offers full DirectX 12 Ultimate support, including ray tracing and support for real-time resolution scaling with Intel XeSS, Intel’s equivalent of DLSS and FSR.

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