How to recover deleted messages | Retrieve deleted text iPhone/Android

Retrieve deleted text

Are deleted messages lost forever? Maybe not. Find out how to recover deleted messages on iOS and Android devices. Do you know how to recover deleted messages on iOS and Android? It’s a very simple procedure and can be a real lifesaver if you delete an important message by mistake.

Recover Deleted Text Messages on Any Android Phone.
Recover Deleted Text Messages on Any Android Phone

Nobody likes losing important information, right? Also, don’t be immediately alarmed that you have deleted that crucial message. It only takes a few steps, check it out!


Panic will not help in this process and calmness will help you understand how to retrieve deleted text messages on iPhone and Android faster.

In fact, most messages are kept temporarily on a smartphone until they are replaced by other data – all because of the way smartphones store data.

The ideal way to recover deleted messages is to use the right tools.

Use the appropriate software

Android Data Recovery

Android Data Recovery is a highly regarded program that can recover deleted messages on Google’s mobile operating system. It is a very simple tool that allows you to recover contacts, photos, messages, call history, videos, documents, audio, and much more. The procedures are as follows:

  • Install the program through the official website – it is available for Windows and macOS;
  • Connect the Android device to the computer and open the program;
  • Let Android Data Recovery scan your smartphone and look for deleted data;
  • Finally, restore the files you need.


PhoneRescue is a very promising tool and, luckily, it also works for iOS – also available for Windows. The program is quite simple and has a very high success rate, which makes it an excellent tool to use in these situations:

  • Install PhoneRescue on the computer and open the program;
  • Connect the device to the computer via the USB cable;
  • After the program recognizes the device, select the “Messages” item at the bottom center of the window.

The program allows you to immediately view the messages that have been deleted. Just select the ones you want to recover and, finally, click on the button to recover. You can choose whether you want to recover the device or the computer.

The iOS version may vary slightly from the Android version (described above) – the steps, however, are similar. The advantage of PhoneRescue over Android Data Recovery is that the former is more intuitive and allows you to recover messages to your computer.

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