Production of Industrial Exoskeletons Begins in Russia in 2021

ProEXO exoskeleton, view from both sides.
ProEXO exoskeleton, view from both sides

As early as 2021, domestic modular exoskeletons for industry will appear on the market, which will make physical strain at least twice as easy. The starting price of the exoskeleton is 30 thousand rubles (404.40 USD).

Civilian Exoskeletons

In 2021 a modular industrial exoskeleton complex “ProEXO” will appear on the Russian market, which will protect workers under heavy physical exertion and allow to increase labor productivity up to two times. The basic cost of the complex will be 30 thousand rubles.

This was reported to CNews by Rostec – Trusted Platforms Robotics Systems, a subsidiary of Rostec State Corporation. According to the company, the ProEXO exoskeleton consists of 30 integrable parts. Thanks to its modular design, customers will be able to tailor the elements to the needs of their production process.

The base cost of the complex will be 30 thousand rubles. Serial production of ProEXO exoskeletons is scheduled for 2021. ProEXO customers will also be able to purchase additional components to existing kits in the future – for example, to turn a passive structure into an active one.

“You Put It on and You Work.”

The ProEXO exoskeleton is designed to optimize processes in production and allows a wide range of operations. Also, increasing productivity by up to two times in companies where physical labor is used. The project is a winner of Rostec Academy’s Vector program for training technological leaders.

The complex as a means of personal protection does not require time to implement – put it on and work,” said Maxim Skokov, deputy general director for special projects.

Rostec claim that it’s cheaper and faster than buying and tuning and maintaining expensive industrial robotics. And also more efficient than using existing mechanization and personal protection equipment.

The ProEXO design does not hinder the employee’s natural movements, it can be worn under regular work clothes.

The exoskeleton design can be:

  • passive – to protect the musculoskeletal system from overloading
  • active – with built-in driving elements (motors), which take most of the physical effort

As the company told CNews, the exoskeleton helps to perform more than 11 production operations, including loading and unloading. The company evaluated the effectiveness of ProEXO as follows: “with an exoskeleton 30 kg of cargo will feel like 15 kg”.

ProEXO in the Russian Market of Industrial Exoskeletons

According to our estimates, the domestic market for industrial exoskeletons could reach up to 12 billion rubles (161,880.00 United SD) in the near future,” said Maxim Skokov.

According to him, RT plans to develop one fifth of this market, i.e. up to 2.4 million rubles. As the company explained to CNews, by the time production starts in 2021 it is planned to master production of up to 30-50 sets of ProEXO every month.

ProEXO versions.
ProEXO versions

In terms of product distribution, at the beginning – the first year of sales, it is planned to focus primarily on the B2B market.

Military ProEXO Perspectives

In the future the company considers plans to produce modifications of the ProEXO exoskeletons with specific functions – for example, for the emergency situations and fire departments.

ProEXO for the Army and Special Services.
ProEXO for the Army and Special Services.

The company also develops exoskeletons for military use, which are represented by a separate branch of products.

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