Install quickly: Google brings an emergency update for Chrome

Emergency update for Chrome
Emergency update for Chrome

Do you rely on the Chrome browser to browse the web? Then you should act quickly now! Google has released an important emergency update that closes a dangerous vulnerability in the software.

Alarm in the Chrome camp: Google has released an emergency patch for its popular web browser. The patch with the version number 99.0.4844.84 is available immediately for Windows, macOS, and Linux and closes a serious and dangerous security hole. According to an announcement by the company, cybercriminals have already actively exploited it to launch attacks on computers. Users are therefore advised to install the update immediately to protect themselves from possible attacks.

Patch fixes severe security vulnerability

Google does not currently provide technical details about the vulnerability and the cyber attacks that have been carried out. The reason: The company assumes that it could take several weeks until all users worldwide have installed the patch. Until then, the company does not want to provide potential attackers with any further information that could lead to a renewed exploitation of the vulnerability. According to the website Bleepingcomputer, the bug is a so-called type-confusion bug in the Chrome V8 JavaScript routine.

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Not the first security vulnerability in 2022

An anonymous security researcher discovered the slip-up and reported it to Google. According to the report, attackers can exploit type-confusion vulnerabilities to execute potentially malicious program code on their victim’s computer, among other things.

The Chrome browser update usually happens automatically as soon as you launch it. To make sure that your version is up to date, simply open the settings menu and click on the “About Google Chrome” menu item. There you will see the currently installed version number and trigger the installation of the update if necessary.

According to Bleepingcomputer, this is already the second serious security vulnerability that Google had to fix for Chrome in 2022. According to the report, a vulnerability already caused a stir in February, which was allegedly exploited by hackers from the North Korean government just a few weeks earlier to spread malware and carry out phishing attacks.

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