Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd., the world leader in the semiconductor display industry, unveiled plans to establish a strategic collaboration for the development of innovative display products using ultrasonic fingerprint sensors, Sonic Qualcomm® 3D Sonic.

    Technology aims to provide a more streamlined solution. Enabling smartphone manufacturers to create unique products based on the industry’s finest and most secure digital printing solution.

    Integrating Qualcomm 3D Sonic sensors

    BOE’s flexible OLED displays.

    Qualcomm’s broad portfolio of products, combined with BOE’s expertise in interface devices and smart IoT systems, make this an ideal partnership for the 5G era.

    Where consumers can expect performance improvements as a result of tight integration of multiple technologies from the two companies.


    • Sensors.
    • Antennas.
    • Image processing screens.

    “BOE will begin shipping flexible OLED panels with embedded Qualcomm 3D Sonic sensors during the second half of 2020,” said Wenbao Gao, executive vice president and chief screen and sensor director, BOE.

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