YouTube Algorithm Update | The updated YouTube algorithm 2022

YouTube Algorithm Update

If you don’t update your titles, length of posts, topics, and so many other things on your Youtube channel, you will see a decrease in subscribers and views. However, following the blueprint in this video, you can grow on Youtube quickly.

When it comes to your Youtube Shorts, you need to have a hook in the first three seconds of your videos. This will signal to Youtube who your audience is and help you grow faster on Youtube, Tik Tok, and Instagram.

You need to understand the text hook in your video, the angle that you choose, and the title of your video.

Many of you guys start with a horrible clip, which is why people swipe off of your video. You need to get 100 watch time on Youtube shorts; if your video is over 30 seconds, you can drop that down to 80 percent.

YouTube Algorithm Update

Youtube has changed how it pays for Youtube shorts, so more people can get paid, and the competition is growing. However, you can still make up to 35 000 a month with Youtube shorts.

Youtube videos live forever; they can get suggested, recommended, and show up within the shorts feed or search. This is why you can have videos that are a year old, two years old, three years old, still getting a lot of views.

When creating titles for your videos, you need to be focused on five things:

  • Less than 55 characters
  • Hashtag shorts
  • An emoji
  • “How-to” if you’re targeting search

You need to be clickbaiting people on shorts if you want to stand out. You need to sensationalize things and get people to click, to want to watch the rest of the video.

Have challenges, give people a reason to watch, and make sure your title is better than what you’re competing against if you want to be successful on the video platform.

For videos less than 30 seconds long, you should aim for 100 watch time, and for videos over 30 seconds long, you should aim for 80 watch time. Subtitles throughout your whole video are going to help you get more views.

The final thing you need to do with this current YouTube Algorithm Update is get rid of all the dry parts of your video. This will decrease the amount of watch time you’re getting.

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