A Russian Official Told CNN That Putin Should Step Down

A Russian Official Told CNN That Putin Should Step Down
A Russian Official Told CNN That Putin Should Step Down

A Russian official, Nikita Yuferev, was fined for criticizing Russian President Vladimir Putin. Yuferev continues to call for Putin’s resignation as Ukrainian forces continue to defeat Russian troops.

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Russian official to CNN: Putin should resign

A Russian politician publicly called for PUTIN to resign and said he would continue to call for his resignation. He said he was taking a risk for his children and that he believes that public opinion is changing as PUTIN’s war continues.


Prosecutors, police officers and journalists are heading to Izium after authorities said they had found a mass grave containing more than 440 bodies. The bodies had been killed by shelling and airstrikes, authorities said.

Russia is reporting that Ukraine has struck at administrative buildings in occupied Kherson, south of the country.

A prosecutor general of the Russian-backed self-proclaimed Luhansk People’s Republic was killed in a bomb blast at his office on Friday.

Germany has taken Rosneft Germany’s three refineries under state control, ahead of a partial European embargo on Russian oil at the end of the year.

The European Union chief has said she wants Vladimir Putin to face the international criminal court over war crimes in Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin thanked the Chinese leader for his “balanced” approach to the Ukraine crisis, and blasted Washington’s “ugly” policies.

The UN nuclear watchdog passed a resolution demanding Russia end its occupation of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, and the US announced a new $600m arms package for Ukraine.

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