Conflicting reports about the Russian warship Moskva

Image of the Russian warship 'Moskva'
Russian warship 'Moskva'

A Russian Black Sea fleet vessel was severely damaged. The Russian Defense Ministry reported that sailors had put out a fire on board the Moskva missile cruiser. There are measures being taken to tow the flagship of the Russian Black Sea fleet back to port.

According to the ministry, the main weaponry was not damaged and the crew was evacuated to other ships in the Black Sea.

According to Ukraine’s southern military command, a Neptune missile struck Moskva on Wednesday. The attack caused major damage to the ship, which had begun sinking.

Russian rescue ships were also hampered by the explosion of ammunition on board as well as bad weather, according to the southern military command.

Originally built in the Soviet era, the Moskva served as naval protection for the Russian airbase Hmeimim during the Syria conflict.

Reported by: DW News

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