Ex-oligarch says Putin is risking his life

Ex-oligarch says Putin is risking his life

Mikhail Khodorkovsky, a former oil executive who spent years in prison, talks about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s mindset when he announced Russian rule over parts of Ukraine.

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Ex-oligarch says Putin is risking his life


What If Ukraine Had Joined NATO Today

What If Ukraine Had Joined NATO Today?

As tensions between Russia and Ukraine begin to escalate, the question of Ukraine joining NATO is potentially deadly. Find out what will happen if Ukraine becomes the new NATO member and what Putin promises! Can Ukraine really join NATO, and what would happen if it does? The Russian army suffered the heaviest defeat in the […]

Ukrainian drone workshop

CNN reporter goes inside a secret Ukrainian drone workshop

CNN reporter Fred Pleitgen has access to a secret Ukrainian military drone factory that could level the playing field in a war with Russia. Ukrainian drone workshop It’s surprising how crazy Ukrainians are when it comes to war. turning traditional hobby drones into sophisticated war machines. With their eyes on the sky, they can save […]

kamikaze drones ukraine

How Russia’s ‘kamikaze’ drones are changing the Ukraine war

After Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that Iran had supplied Russian “kamikaze” drones to Ukraine, he called for more international help. In particular, he asked Israel for help. But it is complicated. Israel has a “tight relationship” with Russia but has been an enemy of Iran for decades. Kamikaze drones in Ukraine Countries are having […]

How Saudi Arabia & Russia, US and UK economies

How Saudi Arabia & Russia are crushing the US and UK economies?

On 5 October 2022, the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and its allies, including Russia, agreed to reduce oil production by 2 million barrels. This could have serious consequences for economies around the world, including the US, UK and India. How Saudi Arabia and Russia are planning to undermine the U.S. and the U.K.? […]

Russia Launches Missile-Drone Strikes, Killing 8, Ukraine Blames Iran for Murders, EU Approves Training Mission

Russia Missile-Drone Strikes Kill 8, Ukraine Blames Iran For “Murders”, EU Approves Training Mission

8 people are killed by Russian missile-drone strikes, and the EU approves a training mission while Ukraine blames Iran for the “murders.” SHOCKING MOMENT: Moment Russian Troops Surrender to Ukrainian Armed Forces in IzyumUkraine #NATO Video Archive#Russia #Ukraine #Putin #Russian #RussianArmy #RussiaUkraineWar #Europe #Kharkiv #Zelensky #UkraineWar #Kherson #USA #UK #news https://t.co/rXQ8uJ4alz — 🌊Danielle Vol🌊 (@CuriosityGuide) […]

Russian mobilized soldiers in Ukraine's Kherson

Helpless Russian mobilized soldiers forced to surrender in Ukraine’s Kherson

A video from Ukrainian blogger Volodymyr Zolkin shows Russian mobilized men giving up in Kherson, Ukraine. One can be seen holding his hands up and surrendering to Ukrainian soldiers. This footage is yet to be verified. Russia-Ukraine War Latest News Today #Russia #Ukraine #RussianArmy Wagner Fighter vs #Russian Troops l Putin’s Army & Mercenaries | […]

Russia transfer Crimea to Ukraine

Why did Russia transfer Crimea to Ukraine?

In 1954, Crimea was transferred by the Russian SFSR to the Ukrainian SSR. it was an administrative act of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union. Transfer of Crimea in the Soviet Union In February and March 2014, Russian troops invaded and subsequently annexed the Crimea Peninsula from Ukraine. The events in […]


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