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How Russia’s ‘kamikaze’ drones are changing the Ukraine war

After Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that Iran had supplied Russian “kamikaze” drones to Ukraine, he called for more international help. In particular, he asked Israel for help. But it is complicated. Israel has a “tight relationship” with Russia but has been an enemy of Iran for decades.

Kamikaze drones in Ukraine

#Ukraine #Russia #BBCNews | How Russia’s ‘kamikaze’ drones are changing the Ukraine war – BBC News | Oct 21, 2022

Countries are having to strike the balance between their individual friendships and foes with one another. For the West, it’s how it balances helping Ukraine and avoiding provoking Russia.

Kamikaze drones provided by Iran usher in a new phase of the conflict in Ukraine

Russia’s latest attack on Ukraine is spearheaded by Moscow’s new weapon: a drone supplied by Iran. It could be the dawn of a new kind of war.

#news | Iranian-supplied kamikaze drones usher in new era of warfare in Ukraine

The UK is imposing new sanctions on Iranian individuals and companies responsible for supplying Russia with kamikaze drones used to bomb Ukraine.





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