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Hundreds Of Chechens Prepare To Intercept Russian Army In Ukraine

After Zhirinovsky’s death, Kadyrov became the most odious character in Russian politics. In terms of the harshness of his statements, he has long overtaken former Russian President Medvedev.

#ukraine #russia #chechens – Dramatic Moment For Russia: Hundreds Of Chechens Prepare To Intercept Russian Army In Ukraine!

Recently, the head of Chechnya declared a blood feud against the Chechens fighting on the side of Ukraine against Putin. Do not be surprised at the savagery of such statements. Threats of violence have become part of Russia’s domestic and foreign policy.

This is not the first time Kadyrov has threatened his opponents with murder.


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Most of the threats came true

journalist Anna Politkovskaya, shot dead at the door of her apartment.

Human rights activist Natalya Estemirova, was abducted near her own house and then killed with a shot in the head and chest.

Opposition politician Boris Nemtsov, shot dead 100 meters from the Kremlin wall. The place of his murder can be seen from the window of Putin’s office in the Kremlin.


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