Joe Rogan Podcast | The Reasons Russia Invaded Ukraine

There is no one better than Joe when it comes to letting his guests speak and waiting for them to finish.

Taken from JRE #1875 w/Dave SmithWar in Ukraine


Russia and China vs NATO – Who Would Win?

This question is explored in an epic new video, pitting the most powerful military alliance in human history against the formidable forces of Russia and China. Watch to find out the potential outcome of this…

What If Ukraine Had Joined NATO Today?

As tensions between Russia and Ukraine begin to escalate, the question of Ukraine joining NATO is potentially deadly. Find out what will happen if Ukraine becomes the new NATO member and what Putin promises! Can…

The F-35 Jet – NATO’s Super-Weapon

The F-35 Lightning II is a truly remarkable and eye-catching piece of futuristic equipment. With modern avionics and electronics, stealth capabilities, and superb weaponry, it raises the quality bar and establishes high standards for modern…


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