Chaos at Notting Hill Carnival as dancing revelers break through the roof of a bus stop. Footage from the first day of the Notting Hill Carnival shows a group of boisterous partygoers climbing a bus shelter until it collapses.

    Notting Hill Carnival chaos as dancing revellers crash through a bus stop roof. NOTTING HILLWORLD NEWS AND INTERNATIONAL HEADLINESTRENDING

    The clip, which was shared on social media, shows a group of about eight people standing on the roof of the bus shelter and showing off to a crowd.

    Dozens of onlookers in the crowd held their phones in the air to film the action until the roof of the bus shelter suddenly gave way. An audible sigh of relief can be heard among festival-goers as the group suddenly disappeared from view.

    Reports of arrests and anti-social behavior marred the otherwise joyous return of the Notting Hill Carnival after a three-year hiatus due to the Covid.

    Two people were injured when a bus shelter on Ladbroke Grove gave way while revellers were dancing on top. Scotland Yard has made 38 arrests so far.


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