Notting Hill Carnival ends in tragedy: Man, 21, dies after ‘serious stabbings’ and ‘incidents of violence’ following two-day festival

Notting Hill Carnival tragedy
Notting Hill Carnival tragedy

As of Monday morning, 76 arrests were made in separate incidents following Notting Hill Carnival, but police did not give any indication of the number of victims or arrests. But Scotland Yard said the Section 60 order was in place from 9.24pm to 1am yesterday.

Police launch murder probe and reveal they have made 209 arrests

The last day of the festival, the Adult Day Parade, officially ended at 8:30 p.m. after 13 steel bands, 72 mast bands, six Brazilian bands, 36 sound systems and 300 booths participated in the festivities.

According to police, a number of serious stabbings and other violent incidents occurred at the Notting Hill Carnival. In the picture: the police at the scene, where blood can be seen on the floor.

The police are pictured making an arrest on the last day of Carnival on Monday

The picture shows police making an arrest on the last day of the carnival on Monday 

Crowds pictured near a police van as the Notting Hill Carnival comes to an end

Crowds near a police van as the Notting Hill Carnival comes to a close.

Police activated special stop and search powers from 9.24pm on Monday until 1am this morning in the areas surrounding the two-day festival after it ended yesterday evening in West London

Police conducted special control and search operations from 9:24 p.m. Monday until 1 a.m. this morning in the area surrounding the two-day festival that ended last night in west London.

Met officers are seen marching the streets surrounding the Notting Hill Carnival in London on Monday

Police confiscate large laughing gas canisters as they march the streets surrounding the Notting Hill Carnival in London on Monday.

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