Paris-Brussels Train Passengers Stuck for 4 Hours Amid Heatwave in Europe

Paris-Brussels Train Passengers Stuck - Heatwave in Europe

A passenger’s video posted on Twitter showed passengers struggling to keep the doors open while others smashed the glass. Passengers said the temperature inside the train reached 40 degrees Celsius (104 Fahrenheit) ,and there was no air conditioning.

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There is something shocking about the fact that authorities didn’t bother to break a window or a door in 4 hours. I can’t even imagine the condition of elderly people at such a high temperature.

Passengers Breaks Window of Train Stalled in Paris

There were over 600 passengers stuck on a stalled train in Paris without air conditioning on Tuesday, July 19, as temperatures peaked at 105 degrees Fahrenheit, local media reported.

Video posted to Twitter by Vincent Brenn shows passengers on the Thalys train bound for Brussels trying to keep the train door open and breaking the window to get fresh air and communicate with those on the platform.

In one report, a passenger told local news the train’s air conditioning went out. As reported by Accuweather, Tuesday, July 19, Paris reached 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

Passengers stuck in train surrounded by wildfires

Spain heatwave: passengers struck in train surrounded by wildfires.

In the northwest province of Zamora in Spain, passengers on a stuck train watched warily as a wildfire tore through vegetation close to the track.

According to Francisco Seoane Pérez, the passenger who recorded the video, the train was traveling between Madrid and Ferrol in the Galicia region when the Zamora wildfire forced it to stop. The risk of fire is very high almost everywhere in the nation. Monday marked the eighth and final day of a heatwave that had been affecting Spain for more than a week.

Europe reaches record temperatures amid heat wave

Europe record temperatures heat wave.

Europe is suffering through its own heat wave while wildfires are raging in several countries amid historic high temperatures. In London, on a record-breaking day, the London Fire Brigade was besieged by extreme heat and fires intensified by extreme heat.

Spain is experiencing a real environmental tragedy with more than fifteen hundred heat-related deaths.

More than thirty-seven thousand evacuations in France, five thousand in Greece, and fifteen hundred heat-related deaths in Spain.

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