Putin’s Legs Twitch Manically While He Lectures Schoolchildren on Ukraine After Forcing Them to Quarantine

Putin's Legs Twitch Manically
Putin's Legs Twitch Manically

Vladimir Putin spoke to high-achieving schoolchildren at a meeting in Kaliningrad yesterday. As usual, the Russian leader gripped a chair for support while his legs twitched manically.

Questions about Putin’s health have been circulating for some time in Russia.

Putin had ordered each of the students to be quarantined for two weeks before meeting him. He then gave them a skewed version of Russia’s history during the session.

There are further indications that Vladimir Putin’s health is failing

Rumors have been circulating for years that Vladimir Putin is suffering from health problems, and they have intensified since the invasion of Ukraine. Some suspect that he has cancer or Parkinson’s disease.

While welcoming Alexander Lukashenko to the Kremlin, Putin trembled and shook his hand.

How Putin’s Recent On-Camera Appearances Challenge Strongman Image

Following footage showing Putin coughing, walking stiffly, and appearing tired, WSJ explores how his on-camera appearances are being scrutinized amid the war in Ukraine and succession debates.

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s health has been a topic of global discussion after footage showed him coughing, walking stiffly and seemingly tired. WSJ looks at how his on-camera appearances are being scrutinized amid the war in Ukraine and questions over his succession. #Putin #Russia

The Russian president has been cultivating a strong man image for more than two decades, but recent footage has shown him coughing, puffy faced or walking with a stiff right arm. The Kremlin has repeatedly said he’s doing well, but the media are closely scrutinizing his every public appearance.

Videos of Putin looking tired and coughing have been circulating online, prompting comments by officials and news outlets around the world. However, Russian officials have denied any ill health and said that Putin takes his physical well-being seriously.

In the early days of the pandemic, Putin went into isolation in his residence outside Moscow, and communicated with the outside world mostly via video calls. He’s been seated far away from world leaders during his meetings, and the public has been kept at a distance.

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