Himars missile strikes hit Russia's Kherson HQ

Multiple Himars missile strikes hit Russia’s Kherson HQ

Ukraine launched a long-range rocket attack Friday against an apparent meeting of Kremlin-installed officials in the occupied city of Kherson.

VIDEO: Multiple Himars missiles strikes hit Russia’s Kherson HQ

Footage from the scene of the strike showed a plume of black smoke billowing from the Court of Appeals building, which is believed to be the headquarters for Russia’s occupation authorities in the southern city.

At the time of the hit, top officials from Russia’s puppet government were said to be holding talks with other regional officials from the southern oblast.


What Would Happen If Putin Launched A Nuclear Strike Against Ukraine

What Would Happen If Putin Launched A Nuclear Strike Against Ukraine?

War in Ukraine | Latest updates on the war in Ukraine. Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, has vowed to defend Russian territory with any means necessary, including nuclear weapons. He is currently preparing to annex sizable portions of the occupied Ukrainian territory.

What would occur if Russia detonated a nuclear weapon in Ukraine.


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